Over 5,000 fans ascend to DRN events to watch the drag racing, epic auto show, bikini contest and live DJs....But between all that action the Vendor Midway is packed full of spectators and racers looking for aftermarket parts, accessories, apparel and more.
Displaying your company in front of these large crowds is a great way to promote your company directly and expand your business.  The DRN events draw a young demographic and appeals to import and domestic fans and racers so you can target everyone at just one event.  Due to limited space availability, you must sign up and pay in advance. 
 You will find the pricing below that best fits for your business. 

Shoot me an email at
or call (916) 613-1343
and I will get you set up.
Vendor Set-up
Depending on the track, we let vendors in the gates up to an hour before the event gates open.
Check with DRN staff for the times of the event you will be attending.
Spot Sizes            Spot Price
---------------           -----------------
10x20                    $300.00
10x30                    $400.00
10x40                    $500.00
20x60                    $700.00
20x90                    $1,000.00
(The way the sizes work - for example, if you have a 10x10 tent and want to fit 2 cars next to your tent you would need the 10x30 spot)
*****All vendor packages include 2 wristbands for staff*****
All vendors will be recognized over the PA system during the event to drive traffic to your vendor booth.