*Class Tag T/S
*1/4 mile, Heads-up, No Breakout, .400 Pro Tree
*Qualified 16 Car field with class placed on a pro ladder
*BODY: Any year car is allowed but must have an import body. You are allowed to have lightweight: Fenders, Sunroofs, Hoods, Hatches, Ground Effects and Bumpers. Quarter panels and doors must be steel.  NO one-piece front ends allowed.  FWD cars are allowed to run 3-piece front ends.  You may not remove any body parts during the competition.
*BRAKES: Four wheel braking is required. Secondary staging brakes are also allowed
*CHASSIS: All cars are required to have a complete stock chassis 
*CLUTCH: Clutches that are manually operated by foot only allowed
*ELECTRONICS: Engine management, Two-step and Data loggers are allowed
*ENGINE: Engine must be an import.  Engine swaps and Aftermarket blocks are allowed.  Catch Pan (Engine Diaper) is required and will be checked by Tech Officials.  Spills on the track can be a possible disqualification from any further DRN events and will be based on the discretion of the event director. 
*EXHAUST: Muffler(s) are required unless it is turbocharged. Exhaust exit may be anywhere
*FUEL: Gasoline and E85 are allowed.  Methanol is NOT allowed
*FUEL SYSTEM: Only Electic Fuel Pumps are allowed / Aftermarket fuel cells are only allowed if in the OEM location
*GENERAL SAFETY: Any vehicle must abide by the rules and regulations of the general NHRA safety guidelines
*INTERIOR: Full interior/Stock dash/Both front seats (aftermarket seats are allowed) are ALL required.  Back seat may be removed
*LIGHTS: Brake lights and Headlights are a requirement.  You may remove one light for induction
*NITROUS OXIDE: Any style Nitrous setup is allowed (If Nitrous oxide is not allowed the bottle and soleniods must be removed)
*SHIFTER: Shifter must be an H pattern.  No Air shifters will be allowed
*SUSPENSION: Aftermarket struts and shocks are allowed.  Four links/Ladder bars/Wheelie bars are NOT allowed 
*SUPERCHARGERS: Any supercharger is allowed
*TIRES: Tires will be measured by sidewall.  Any size DOT Street Legal tire is allowed
^FWD: Maximum slick size is 25.0" x 9.5"
^AWD: Maximum slick size is 26.0" x 10.5
^RWD: Maximum slick size is 28.0" x 11.5"
*TRANSMISSION: Any Manual or Auto transmission is allowed.  Trans brakes and Sequential transmissions are not allowed
*TURBOCHARGERS: Maximum turbo size is 67.9mm (all turbos will be measured at the inducer wheel where the inducer wheel meets the housing)
*WINDOWS: All windows MUST be OEM glass
^^Track Tech Officials have the final decision on the rules and regulations^^